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Meet Our Staff

All of the staff at West Pennant Hills Veterinary Hospital enjoy working with and caring for animals, as well as interacting with their patient's owners.

They are all dedicated, compassionate and hard working people and are always happy to help.

Everyone has good all round skills,as well as their own area of expertise. There is a lot of interaction amongst vets and nurses regarding treatment options etc, enabling a high standard to be maintained.

Dr Stephen Abrahams

Stephen Abrahams retired from West Pennant Hills Veterinary Hospital at the end of February 2016 after working at the practice since 1985 and owning it since 2006. The staff and clients will miss his knowledge and skill. Stephen will be replaced by Katie Hankins who has previously worked at the practice from 1998 to 2007.

Dr Beth Gillis

Beth is the most recent addition to our veterinary team and has been with us since January 2015. She is interested in all aspects of veterinary medicine and surgery. She has a keen interest in acupuncture and recently attended an Acupuncture workshop at the Panpacific Veterinary Conference in Brisbane. Beth is vivacious and enthusiastic and loves being able to help clients and their pets. Her favourite activities outside of work include travel, cooking (and of course eating ... especially Mexican food) and outdoor activities.

Dr Stephen Reis

A full time veterinarian at West Pennant Hills Veterinary Hospital since 2004. Stephen is interested in ophthalomolgy, cytology and diagnostic imaging. 

He is a great communicator and has an encyclopaedic knowledge, which allows him to solve all types of problems.

He has attended several extra courses since graduation. He often cycles to work and refuses to eat sweets before midday.

Dr Fiona Thistlewood


Fiona has been with the practice since graduating from Sydney University in 2007. She recently returned from maternity leave and works on Monday mornings and some Saturdays. Outside of her time in the clinic Fiona is very busy caring for three bright and active children as well as an adopted feline child named Dizzy. 

Dr Gillian Hodgson

We are fortunate to have had Gillian working in some capacity for the last 20 years,now full time.

Clever, caring and compassionate, always willing to help animals in need.

Gillian is always attending extra courses so that she stays up to date.

She loves the outdoors, especially skiing and bushwalking, and drinks as much tea as Adrienne does coffee.

Dr Claude Stanislaus

Claude started as a full time associate at the clinic in 2002 after graduating from Sydney University. He left in 2004 to travel overseas but returned to work casually in the practice in 2006. In 2007 Claude decided to change the focus of his professional career and started working full time within the veterinary pharmaceutical industry. Fortunately for us Claude really enjoys clinical practice and has continued to work casually within the hospital. In 2011 Claude obtained Membership of the College of Veterinary Scientists in Pharmacology. Claude is highly regarded by his colleagues and his dedication is appreciated by clients. We just wish we could entice him back full time !!!

Meet The Nurses

Adrienne Nall - Veterinary nurse

Adrienne has been with the practice full time since 1993. She has the extraordinary ability to do several things at once as well as remembering the names and faces of most clients and their pets. Her hobbies include Welsh mountain ponies, and she loves to garden with a tractor and a chainsaw and she welds a mean piece of steel.

Melissa Wilson - Veterinary nurse

Mel has worked at West Pennant Hills Veterinary Hospital since 2007. She is a highly experienced Veterinary nurse. She has enormous empathy for animals and loves to fuss over them to make sure they are alright. Her hobbies include gardening and looking after a menagerie of various animals.

Terry Tucknott - Receptionist

Terry has been with us since 2005. Her bubbly and chatty personality make everyone feel welcome. She has great empathy and support for people and their pets. Outside of work her time is occupied with her children’s various activities, and being originally from Victoria she loves her AFL.

Louise Baker - Veterinary nurse

Louise joined wphvet in 2008 on a veterinary traineeship, and has attained her certificate in veterinary nursing. Louise has fitted in extremely well and is well liked by everyone. She is hard working, efficient, and at the same time kind and very caring. As with all the staff at West Pennant Hills Veterinary Hospital she displays a mixture of compassion and integrity.

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