West Pennant Hills Veterinary Hospital

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Services provided at West Pennant Hills Veterinary Hospital

At West Pennant Hills Veterinary Hospital we offer both a professional and compassionate service in all aspects of animal health.

  • Consultations: We have 3 consulting rooms and while consultations are seen via appointment, everyone is welcome and seen promptly.
  • Medical: We diagnose and treat all types of animal health problems. We are great believers in a through clinical examination and history taking, sometimes it is necessary to support this with tests and other aids.
  • Surgery: We perform all types of surgery, including soft tissue, orthopedic, dentistry and desexing. Occasionally we will refer cases to specialists including spinal and complex orthapedics. Pain relief is paramount as is accurate attention to detail during the treatment and recovery stages of treatment. Anaesthetic regimes are tailored to each patient and are always monitored closely.
  • Pathology: We perform a wide range of in house pathology, which often gives us an instant result. We also utilize external laboratories usually with results back the same day.
  • Radiology: Our x-ray equipment is of high standard and we obtain excellent radiographs in a short space of time. We also utilize in house Ultra-sound equipment as well as occasionally using visiting specialists to help us with this service.
  • Grooming: As of May 2016 we have restarted a grooming service. We have a profressional groomer who comes to the clinic every Tuesday to groom dogs. The service involving bathing, clipping to your specification, gentle blow dry, trimming nails, cleaning ears and emptying your dog's anal glands. 
  • Advice: We are always here for you and will help with many questions including Behaviour, Pet responsibility, health and training issues as well as preventative tips and clues.
  • Merchandising: We carry a wide array of flea, heartworm and other products. We stock the Hills range of petfood.
  • Community: Wildlife treatment, reuniting of lost pets with owners, telephone advice and attending local community events etc.
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